Staying Accountable

Lots of people struggle with staying accountable to their health and fitness goals and we know those reasons vary from person to person- because your all different 🙂 At FitLife we want people to understand themselves; their motivations to succeed as well as their triggers to quit because when you know these things about yourself you can work them to your advantage. What’s your most common reason for losing track of being accountable? Not seeing results? Losing motivation? Making excuses? These triggers to let it all slide away happen to all of us… even the most committed health and fitness

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Nutrition For Performance

Because of the number of queries I recieve around nutrition I thought I would share some insights into what I have learned about fueling for performance. One of the most crucial aspects to a sound nutiriton plan is CONSISTENCY. Getting caught up in our day-to-day routine is so easy with work, family, training and other commitments but acknowledging this rule and, more importantly, honouring it, will be one of the best decisions you can make to fuelling for performance. A chaotic plan just drains and disables you physically, which will ultimately impact upon your output in the gym. Below I

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Do You Need A Remote Coach?

Everything I write here on topics will be off the cuff, no research books, no referencing or boring material that will make you feel like you are back at school (and make me sound really clever) just discussion on points I have learnt from hands-on practical experience. Remote coaching is quite a new initiative, but something that definitely has its place for athletes looking for an individualised approach to help them develop at their chosen sport. This is something I learnt years ago in football when I moved back to Jersey from UK, where the standard of coaching was way

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