Do you have a personal or sporting goal that extends beyond basic fitness? Do you want to peak for a specific competition or event? This might be what you’re looking for. Remote Coaching is an online strength and conditioning platform that delivers training programs that are individualized to each athlete. By integrating cutting-edge technology with real strength and conditioning expertise, it removes all the guesswork so you can focus on what you do best.

This training plan includes your own personalized workouts, so you know exactly what to do and exactly when to do it. Every rep, set, weight, and movement is optimized for you. Walk into the weight room knowing exactly what to do on any given training day. The mobile app we use delivers your training program directly to your phones. Each individualized workout is complete with simple, animated technique demonstrations and detailed coaching points for every movement. We then track your progress and keep you accountable.

No two athletes are the same. No two programs are the same. Every athlete is unique, and needs something different from their training program. It’s the unique characteristics that make you great. That is why each program is constructed just for you. If you don’t train on it, no one will. It is tailored specifically to you and your needs (strengths, weakness, injuries, etc) and your goals (weight-loss, gain, performance, etc).  Additionally, it involves life coaching to see how your nutrition, lifestyle, stressors, sleeping & working habits come into effect of your daily training and long term health and wellness. After gathering all the data we work to create a program that best fits your needs and helps you maximize your potential.



Our coaches design, manage and implement your daily FitLife plan so you can focus on training at your best.


Your online coach helps you to stay organized, provides movement options for all fitness levels, and keeps you accountable.


A Day-by-day, full week view training programs designed by certified strength & conditioning coaches that includes warm ups, exercise schedules, mobility routines, recovery sessions, and tips to follow on mindset, nutrition & lifestyle.


So you can quickly get in touch with your online coach for any questions or concerns about your plan.


View exercise demos, past exercise history, log results, and upload videos easily from the same spot.


Your plans will periodically add body stat and benchmark fitness assessments into programming to identify progression and ensure you are on target to meet the specific goals from your plan. 


  1. CHOOSE YOUR ACTIVITY – What activity do you do? What position do you play? We will generate a strength & conditioning training program for your specific activity, sport or event.
  2. INITIAL CONSULTATION – This is your initial meeting with a FitLife coach, a 60 minute face-to-face or Skype conversation where we talk about all aspects of your life and training. This includes your body stats, your past experiences in fitness, and will also address the effects of sleep, recovery, nutrition and work schedule on your long term goal. The consultation will covering the entire spectrum of what you have going on in your life.
  3. PHYSICAL ASSESSMENT – The first part of your fitness journey is an assessment period. The results from this data allows us to identify structural weakness, mechanical advantages/disadvantages and the true priorities needed in your training program to get you to where you want to be. We will periodically revisit those same movements and add testing into clients programming every 8-12 weeks to identify progression.
  4. PROGRAM DESIGN –After a thorough understanding of your assessment results, movement patterns, fitness background, lifestyle factors, schedule, priorities, and what you are looking to achieve, we will design an individualised sport-specific, periodised training plan. Using state of the art technology, you are held accountable and we can track daily progress and constantly upgrade programming to match the evolving fitness journey.
  5. START YOUR TRAINING PLAN – Its then up to you to get started training on your comprehensive program built specifically for you. Walk into the weight room with confidence, knowing that you have the right workout every time and input your data via the training app. We will be available to offer support and advice to you on a regular basis, the app allows comments to be made, queries to be answered, videos to be uploaded, and we will receive a notification every time you send something over. Once a month you have the option to Skype call with your coach for a check-in on how your training process and experience is going. This is our way to ensure consistency, revisit goals and make sure everything is aligned with long term goals.


Remote Coaching Program includes:

  • In depth data driven initial and ongoing assessments
  • Individualized training plans just for you (no templates)
  • State of the art technology used to track and monitor your results
  • Coaching help on your movement from videos that you post for your coach to dissect
  • Full analysis of body fat, nutrition and lifestyle (diet, sleep habits, stress levels, etc.)
  • Consistent and reliable contact with your coach
  • 30 Minute Monthly Consultation via Skype.

We have a history helping athletes achieve their best performance in their respective disciplines, as well as helping athletes return to form after injury or extended absence. We have helped many candidates train for the rigorous and specific demands of their sport, as well as selection into the military, police force and fire service.