These sessions are flexible and can be booked at the convenience of the client. They are normally for people who wish to try out personal training for the first time, for those who need to improve their nutrition and fitness levels, or for individuals aiming to maximise a particular strength. An experienced certified personal trainer is a key part to the formula of success for a workout. Each session can help educate you on proper exercise form and teach you the latest training techniques to increase the effectiveness of your workouts.

Being with a personal trainer increases your level of motivation and accountability for your workout. In order for you to be successful in achieving your fitness goals, it is crucial you are committed and are ready for the lifestyle challenge. The decision to start training is your choice and a positive choice. Your time is valuable, so we want to make your training sessions convenient for you. You can train in the gym  to utilize the vast range of equipment, in your home or enjoy sessions outdoors at a park or beach. We can also provide short training sessions during lunch hour, as well as before or after work.

It is understandable that to create a new you takes hard work and determination.  However, the idea that you can make vast physical adaptations and changes with only 1 or 2 sessions a week is false, and if you really want to make a change in your life, such as to build lean muscle or drop excess weight, you will need to dedicate yourself at least 3 days a week to keeping fit along with a nutrition plan, whether it be with yur coach or in your own time. We offer various training options to maximize your potential for success, and welcome any clients who are maintaining their fitness requiring 1 or 2 sessions each week, as well as those clients who just like a one off session.

Your Training Experience

Each session runs for 45 minutes, and we kindly ask you are warmed up and ready for the session to maximize your training time. After the session, you will be given mobility exercises specific to your needs and you can then cool down and stretch in your own time.

Personal Training programs includes:

  • In depth data driven initial and ongoing assessments
  • On-site skinfold testing & movement analysis
  • Full analysis of nutrition and lifestyle (diet, sleep habits, stress levels, etc.)
  • Individualized training plans just for you (no templates)
  • State of the art technology used to track and monitor your results via online app
  • Consistent and reliable contact with your coach

We have a history helping athletes achieve their best performance in their respective disciplines, as well as helping athletes return to form after injury or extended absence. We have helped many candidates train for the rigorous and specific demands of their sport, as well as selection into the military, police force and fire service.